Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Everyone has one.  That ex that no matter how hard you try to shake 'em, they keep coming back. And coming back. Oh, and coming back.  One night over drinks we coined the term 'boomerang boys' to describe these guys...mostly because in my particular case, it's EVERY GUY that I have EVER dated.  Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration, but I would say probably 95% of the dudes I've dated decide they want to get back with me anything from weeks to months to years to decades after they dated me (see this post, bullet point #1 for an example).  Um...why?? I don't get it.  What is it that keeps them coming back? Why did they not realize when they were WITH me how awesome I am? (lol)  Why do they think it's OK for them to keep coming back?  So many questions. #mystery

Another question: Why am I bringing this up?  Well, at 9:25 PM I received a text message from a dude that I went on ONE date with like 2 months ago.  He said: "Well.  I'm assuming you didn't lose your phone twice!"

Ok, so no, obviously I didn't lose my phone.  And I feel for the kid, I really do, because this is totally a tactic that I would use if I wanted to hear from someone I haven't spoken to in a while.  But being on the receiving end of this one text in particular, it made me feel kinda bad -- like, obviously I don't want to be an asshole and not reply (my mom always taught me to be nice), but at the same time, I don't really want to chat with him or hang out with him, so I don't really feel like I should reply because it would end up being really annoying and innocuous back and forth which I know will lead nowhere.  And I honestly don't want to lead this dude on -- he's a super nice guy, very interesting, and very smart, but there was just no chemistry.  And I'm a sucker for going on chemistry (which is going to be a post soon, keep an eye out).

So what would y'all do in this situation -- would you write him back to be nice? Or risk more boomeranging by replying? #dilemma


  1. I say ignore him. Usually I would recommend being nice, but you have too many boomerang boys already, and you can't fix a lack of chemistry! Sorry, dude.