Sunday, May 26, 2013

When is too soon to be introduced to a dude's friends?

So, when you're just starting to date someone new, when is an appropriate time to introduce the guy or girl to your friends?  Is there really an appropriate time?

To me, I've always thought it's somewhat of a big deal to intro a new suitor to my friends -- I try to avoid it, because let's face it, my friends are judgy. Lol, no I mean, they just want the best for me, so I think they tend to be critical of the guys I date and I do love them for it.  However, because of the kind of guys that I like, I sometimes just know that the poor guy will not be received well...or my friends will just be super nice and tell me after the relationship has crashed and burned how the poor guy was just not a good guy.

Anyway, the reason I ask about this is because I just wonder how big of a deal is it.  Do guys think it's a big thing to introduce friends to girls they're seeing, or is it their way to see how they'll hold up against the friend test?

So, a couple of months ago I went on my second date with Divorcee dude and I was introduced to his best friends that night -- like, I was NOT expecting to be thrown into that situation so soon.  Then last night, I went on an interesting date -- I was introduced to the guy's roommates, who happen to be 2 girls.  Which was totally cool, they were super fun chicks and I got along really well with them.  Then when we went out, I was then introduced to some of the dude's good friends.  Like, the entire time I was thinking, 'what has he told them about me?'

Pretty much that's my biggest hang up about the entire meeting-friends-so-soon thing.  What are they telling their friends about you at that point?  I mean, the friends on both occasions were actually all so welcoming and sweet, and let's face it - I work in PR, I can pretty much talk to anyone about anything, so there's not much to worry about on my end.  But for me, on the second or third date, you yourself aren't sure what you really feel about that other person yet, and then throwing friends into the mix I think complicates situations entirely.

I don't know -- I just think a second or third date is a bit too soon!  I want to be all melty and excited about spending time with that guy on those first few dates.  There's plenty of time to meet friends if that person is going to stick around.  Shouldn't it be something that you ease them into?

Just my two cents. What do y'all think?

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