Friday, May 3, 2013


So as y'all can tell by the title of my blog alone, I'm a girl from Georgia who moved up to Toronto more than 5 years ago.  Having grown up in Atlanta, I obviously have lots of roots in the South - friends and family and history back home.  As part and parcel of that history, I have a number of exes who live in and around the Southeast region.  Makes sense, right?  Well, what doesn't make sense is that these exes 1) like to get back in touch with me constantly and 2) continue to ask me to see them again (whether it's them visiting me or me visiting them).  Is this a normal occurrence out there in the world? Or is this literally just a me thing?  Because I gotta say, i just don't get it...why waste time contacting someone who you'd legitimately need a valid passport to visit? Seriously dudes...#saywhat?



  1. I did know one guy who seemed all about meeting up when we were both potentially going to be in Italy at the same time, but when we were in the same town during the school year, nothing ever happened. Maybe they just like the kinda romantic idea of traveling to see you/hanging out in a different place? I'm sure it also has a lot to do with the fact that you're awesome, but still. I don't think that's normal.

  2. yeah, perhaps it is the romantic idea of a memory too. who knows, but it happens way too often.