Sunday, May 19, 2013

Boy Free Zone = #nodrama

Happy May 2-4, y'all :) Hope everyone's enjoying the sun!

This weekend has been relatively drama free, probably because it's been a bit of a 'boy free zone'.  I did have a couple dates planned, but one cancelled due to illness and well, the other I'll save for a future post.   It's interesting how much the drama level increases once boys are thrown into the mix -- hmm, think maybe that means THEY'RE the drama queens, and I'm totally even-keeled and normal!  lol, ok well I will keep telling myself that at least.

What a difference a week makes!  Literally at this time last week, I was hanging out with Military guy and everything was cupcakes and sunshine.  I was having the best time - genuinely being so attracted to his personality and sense of humour much more than his physicality.  And if you know me, even just a little bit, y'all know that I very much have a type that I don't typically stray from; so for me, this felt like I was growing up.  Well, he went MIA -- oh well, guess I'll just drink all the beer he left in my fridge.  Ok, maybe I won't but maybe I'll invite other people to,lol.  Ugh, dating baffles me -- just when I think I totally got it and know what I'm doing, I get thrown for a loop.  Thanks for keeping me on my toes there, Universe!

So instead of hanging out with a couple of the guys that I thought I would be this weekend, I took a bit of a forced detox.  I gotta say, I'm glad it happened (everything happens for a reason and all), because I am realizing that I'm not only getting jaded, but the excitement is lost on me.  Perhaps stacking the deck and playing the odds and going on so many dates has made me lose the spark.

Maybe instead of looking at it as a Dating Detox, I should look at it as a way to bring the thrill back into the experience.  Or at least to my perspective of the experience.  I gotta start getting excited for dates...and maybe it means I gotta be way more selective in who I accept dates from.

So, what do y'all think?  Shall I rekindle my love affair with dating, or legit just be way more selective with the guys?

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