Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oh hello again...and what do you think?

Ok, so it's been a while since I've been on this lil darlin' of a blog, and I was a bit nervous to jump back into the swing of things, BUT recent life experiences (read: boys...) have prompted me to revisit.  So here I am, sitting on my couch watching Big Rich Atlanta and my phone is blowing up with random messages and texts...and I thought now is as good a time as any to get to sharing my insane soap opera of a dating life.

Have y'all ever read The Dating Diaries on The Grid? If you haven't, I highly suggest that you do -- each week it's a new real life dating story that ranges from cringe-worthy to hilarious to kinda sweet.  If anything it'll make you feel a little bit better about yourself, because some of these people legit be cray.  And then I think, oh hey...these posts sound eerily like my life.

In a nutshell, 2013 = date-a-palooza.  No joke y'all, I had been setting up 3-4 dates a week for a good part of this year.  I think I've dated every single man in the city of Toronto by this point.  Oh, and a couple from Mississauga too.  And yes, so my married friends and even some single friends are probably rolling their eyes at me right now because I sound super complainy...but y'all! It is truly exhausting to date...that much.  Think about it, getting all dolled up to make a great impression, hold witty and intellectually stimulating conversation, and then make sure that you're not mixing up the dudes and calling them the wrong, just kidding.  I actually do an awesome job with keeping all the suitors straight; it's my friends who get frustrated at me because they can't keep track of who I'm talking about...mostly because some of them have the same names. Well, that's not my fault!  Apparently I should've supplied them all with charts with head shots and stats in advance prior to relaying any stories. Next time, I'll consider it.

But obviously it's about quality and not quantity.  So when I stumbled upon a blog post from CollegeStreetCloset about a Dating Detox it got me to thinking if I should give it a try.  Here are some reasons from this week alone that make me think I should just hibernate from all guys for a little while:

  • Today, my ex-boyfriend messaged me on Facebook (at 4 AM) to tell me that he deleted my phone number because he thinks I hate him. Um, o....k?!  This coming 2 weeks after he had legit called me 20 times, including some from my condo call box at 4 AM on a Saturday morning...I woke up to texts   asking if he could stay over.  Um...what the?!
  • On Monday, a guy that I had been dating for a while, but then who had not reached out to me for the past couple of weeks came out of the woodwork to let me know that he missed my 'pretty face'.  Then I accidentally texted him a message meant for my best friend...which talked about a guy I had gone out with in the interim that dude number 1 was ignoring me.  The text named dude number 2 and how he had asked me over that night.  Whoopsie.
  • On Tuesday, I hung out with dude number 2, which was lovely...however, I found out that he had at one point hit on a friend of mine (before he realized we were friends and before he asked me out) and he realized because of Facebook. Effing Facebook...
  • Right now, a guy that I dated in January is texting me randomly out of nowhere, which he likes to do every week, and I don't understand why....

So...based on this week alone, what do y'all think. Is a 'dating detox' a good idea?


  1. Please spend your detox week making me an org chart of your dudes.


    1. I live in a foreign land, too, so I would also like an org chart. :)