Wednesday, May 22, 2013



My life is legit a soap opera.

So remember how I had posted about how Military guy had ACTUALLY gone MIA on me?  Amidst all of my drama-rama around the ex-boyfriend  (aka #kryptonite) -- with me contemplating if I should or should not message him, running through the various pros and cons in my head, and consulting all of my friends about what I should do -- do I not get a random text message from Military guy?!  AND...he had the balls to say, "How am I supposed to make you my next secret mission if you never get back to any of my texts? lol"  UMMMMM....excuse me, I'm pretty sure you have ignored me for a week.  I have not received a peep from him, and he's gonna go and play like I'm the one not getting back to him. PLEASE CHILD.  I was not born yesterday.  If you're gonna go MIA and try to get back in the game, at least OWN UP to the shady missing stage. #dbag

AND of course, after all the aforementioned contemplation and consultation, I did reply to the ex.  OK, STOP JUDGING ME!!!!!!!!!!  Anyway, I asked him WHY? Basically, I wanted to know why he wanted a fresh start -- we had tried before, and it didn't work out.  I asked what's changed.....

His response?  "You're right. I'm sorry."


That is not an answer. What a cop out.  My response to him?  "That's all you got?  Ok.  Obviously nothing HAS changed." #boom

Listen people, I  know you're shaking your heads at me saying I shouldn't have messaged him, but I have to tell you -- I'm glad I did.  I owed it to myself to see.  And hey, it showed what I have known for the past 2 years anyway...kid hasn't changed one bit. UGH.

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