Sunday, June 2, 2013

In hiding...(#hideme)

3 weeks.

In 3 weeks there are a LOT of things that will happen: Chantelle & Brent's wedding; my trip to Cuba with cousink Alex; and then, of course, my birthday.

Every year when I think of my birthday, I always think things will be vastly different from the year before.  While a lot of random things have happened in between birthdays, nothing has changed hugely from last year.    So maybe it's time to figure out what I can do to make a change?

3 weeks isn't much time, but maybe I can kick start it after I get back from my trip?

Really what I want to do is go in hiding.  I'm not joking.  I am so frustrated with dating these days.  For the past couple of weeks a lot of random guys have come out of the wood work, seemingly leading to some interesting and positive prospects.  Really, I just got super let down by them.  That said, I legit just think it'll be better of for me to steer clear of all guys -- old and new -- for the next month and see what happens?

While I'm not usually a proponent of hiding from things -- I'm more of a face the challenge and learn from it type of gal -- I think this is probably the best approach for me.  Dudes are getting me down, and I just want my birthday month to be full of fun, great memories, amazing friends.  Am I crazy for wanting to hide?

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