Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What, I need to stop cursing?! Wha?

Ok, so I've realized that I use the word 'fuckin' waaaaaaaaaaay too often and it tumbles out of  my mouth so easily, it's a little disturbing.  What I find is that I use it even in a work capacity -- team meetings and regroups -- where really, I should be the epitome of professional.  Part of the problem is that I don't think that I even realize that it's coming out of my mouth until after it's already out there in the world.  Bah, it's so frustrating, so I'm putting it out there: how do I get myself to stop using the F word as part of my vocabulary?  Any tips or tricks?

I do remember being one of the first people to start cussing (oh, you know that's how we call in down south) waaay back in the day.  I actually said $#&T during recess when I was like in 4th grade. How shady is that? I have no clue how I even learned what it meant or why, but the badass 9 year old in me said, hey why not.  Yikes, guess it started a trend, from way back when. Now, I gotta make it stop! Gah!

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