Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This is National Singles Week. What the...??

Apparently the week of September 17 is 'National Singles Week' -- a time for singletons across America (wonder if Canada also takes part in this week?) to celebrate their singledom.  Did y'all have any idea that such a week existed? Does this mean that every single person out there should go out everyday this week and throw themselves a rocking singles party?  What exactly are the activities that are synonymous with this week -- STDs? lol

Now, I know that many dudes love being single and many women abhor it, but to actually have a designated week to celebrate being single just seems a bit ridiculous to me.  I mean, I feel like the person who created this week thought of their poor single Sex and the City type friends and said, 'Hey, you're not as sad as you think! There are tons of benefits of being single! Let's pick a random week in September to make you feel better about not having a constant date to weddings and other functions.  Being single is COOL!'  Thanks for the affirmations.  I refer you to this tumblr.  Mmhmm.

Ok, yes, you guessed it - I'm obvi a singleton at the moment, but I'm actually pretty ok with it.  I was in a pretty serious relationship a couple of years ago, and have been taking my time with getting into the next one.   Yes, I guess I'm pretty picky, but I'm also unbelievably boy crazy, so I'm also having fun with being single -- this is an interesting time of my life when friends from high school and college are on either their second or third kids, or their second or third husbands (hey, good for y'all!).   And obviously my life has gone in a way different direction than it would have if I still lived in Atlanta, but I think being single at this age is actually one of the best times to be single.  I am having a fun dating a lot of different guys, and meeting new guys when I go out -- and while, yes, it can be exhausting, it's giving me perspective on the diverse types of guys who are out there.  Although I'm fairly certain I'm never going to find the good old boy types that I'm used to down South, there are definitely a lot of tall, buff, tattooed dudes around Toronto who I'm definitely ok with getting to know.

Anyway, the point of my story is that you don't need a designated week to celebrate being single, people!  Celebrate being single all the way up until you do find that special someone because everything (and everyone) you go through when you're single only helps you shape who you are and helps you appreciate that Mr. Right or Ms. Right when you find them.  And hey, until then, as a singleton you can enjoy the Mr. or Ms. Right Now -- so go get em, tiger!  Lol ;P

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