Sunday, September 16, 2012

#nomnom weekend of eats!

After a very crazy week, I definitely wanted to relax and hang out with my friends.  One of the things we do best when we get together is get our eat on...and we had a lot of fun doing it!

Friday, my bestie and I hit Ossington.  I love that Steph and I have such similar tastes in food, and that we are both interested in stretching not only our palates but also discovering new restaurants in different areas of the city.  As I've always said, this city has some of the coolest things to offer, and top notch restaurants are definitely one of them.  We had late resos, so we decided to start off with some bevvies at Reposado Tequila Bar.  This place is delish!  We both had margaritas - Steph the regular and me the mango - and chomped on mini crab cakes with chips and salsa.

Deliciousness from Reposado

Post-cocktails, Steph and I went to Fishbar across the street for the first time to try seafood tapas.  I'd heard such good things about Fishbar and we were definitely not disappointed!  First we tried out the fishbar tacos and fried calamari, and ended with lobster mac & cheese and fish & chips.


Saturday started off with brunch at my friend Carolyn's place -- she has a gorgeous little house in Yorkville, and hosted us for an amazing brunch.  She made tons of food, and we've decided we're going to rotate around houses each hosting a brunch.  Looks like I'll be the next to host, and I am going to try to do a traditional Filipino breakfast.  Super excited!

I made my way to Mississauga to hang out with my fam on Saturday night, and my cousin brought me to Port Credit for dinner.  I absolutely adore Port Credit -- Lakeshore has the cutest restaurants and boutiques along the waterfront.  If I were to move to Saugs, that is definitely where I'd like to be.  We had dinner at Roc n' Docs on the patio with some drinks and burgers.  We then made our way back near our parents' houses and had some Yogurty's froyo...DELISH!!
Roc n' Docs for dins!

Today, my fam and I went to church and afterwards, I had a HUGE craving for Filipino food.  My mom took me and my grandma to Quiapo, Quiapo and had some awesome Pinoy brunch.  My mom and I had taplongsilog (tapa + longanisa + rice and eggs).   My grandma had lechon (pig) and of course, I had to taste test some of it.  We topped it off by traditional halo halo, my fave!  All in all, a wonderful weekend of eating.



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