Monday, September 10, 2012

Don't Stop the Party

I appreciate a good photo opp, no matter where it is!
I love September in Toronto.  It's as if the city gets injected with glam, glitz and excitement when the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) comes to town.  Automatically, there are more people out and about on the streets, dying to have celeb spottings.  Our theatres from Ryerson all the way to the Bell Lightbox are lined with people waiting to catch movie screenings and gathering around red carpets and step & repeats.  Not to mention, the nightlife has an undeniable dynamic energy that's all of a sudden renewed from the sleepy patio-party summers, as bars and clubs throw parties for revelers to rock until 4 AM.  Ok, so basically what I'm saying is, all of a sudden the city seems alive and vibrant again, and I thoroughly enjoy how excited people everywhere become -- from Yorkville to King Street and everywhere in between.
Noor & I at Nikki Beach 2011

Last year Noor and I were able to attend a TIFF Nikki Beach party for a Seth Rogen film at the Bell Lightbox, where we danced and rubbed elbows and star gazed.  Mostly we took photos and posed in front of step & repeats, and met some crazy Toronto 'influencers' -- but overall, had the best time.

This year, we got the chance to hit another TIFF-related party, though not quite as crazy step & repeat-laden as the one from last year, but still one in an interesting venue (studio on Nelson, a model condo studio) with fun people.  We were treated to champs (not Noor of course), and randomly, Pop Chips and danced the night away.  We literally took photos in every room -- yes, EVERY ROOM including the model bathrooms -- and made friends with randoms.  Take a look at some of the pics from the party.  Enjoy!

Sharing my sweet, sweet dance moves with Reggie

No step & repeats, but still fun photos

Good times!

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