Monday, June 3, 2013

Obviously I'm a sucker.

So remember how I was telling y'all about Military Guy a couple of weeks ago?  If you don't, basically what happened is that I thought he was a really cool, hilarious guy -- not exactly my type, but I was completely attracted to his personality, and was willing to overlook the physical (not that he was uggo or anything, haha just not my super tatted up jock type).  ANYWAY, he legit went MIA. And then texted me for a booty call.  Um, no thanks, not my style. So when I said 'NO' to him coming over, I thought that would be the last of it.

I clearly do not realize that I'm usually wrong.

Out of nowhere today I get a text from him.  Again, he said something to the effect of 'how can I hang out with you if you never reply to my texts?'  Deja vu.  THEN, when I don't respond, because I'm at the gym and my phone is chilling in my locker he messages me again -- this time it's 'ok, I get the hint. It was great hanging out with you. Hope to see you around pretty lady :)'

This is where I've found that I'm obviously a sucker.

I clearly respond because that message made me feel bad.  I HATE when guys go MIA, and I would typically always reply to guys, even if it is to decline politely or say, sorry I just don't think we're a good fit...or something like that.  But I just hate the thought of someone thinking that I'm a bitch or rude on purpose - I don't ever mean to be, and I also don't want that bad karma.  BUT seriously, I never got any texts -- what is the likelihood these days that you don't get a text someone sends? Come on, I'm not stupid.  And to be honest, I was really just upset that my ego was bruised. I actually don't even want to entertain the possibility of seeing him again.  He ain't for me...gotta say, there's a type for a reason.

But of course he blames his phone for acting up.

Y'all. Can you see how I'm so frustrated?  Like this is the junk that I have to deal with!  SERIOUSLY.

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  1. Boo. I think he maybe realized the error of his ways, which is good... except then he tried to blame it on you. So uncool.