Sunday, October 7, 2012

Scenes from the past 2 weeks. BOOM!

Since I was delinquent in my blogging, I missed out on posting pics and updates from the past couple of weeks including my vacay in DC to visit my friend Jen , going to see the Jays vs. Yankees and a surprise bachelorette party for my friend Haley.  Instead of doing a separate (and very late) post about each of those things, I thought I'd just post some pics from each of those events so you could get a sneak peek of the overall funtimes that were had.  It would only make you feel jealous, and that would be rude!

When I went to visit Jen in DC, there were only a few things on our agenda: Newseum, Navy football game, shopping & eating.  We accomplished all of those things VERY well.  Take a look:

Cynthia and Noor also decided we should see a Jays game before the end of the season.  Luckily, it was a game against a really good team - the Yankees - so we got to see Derek Jeter and ARod play, however it was Brett Lawrie that I was super excited to see. Swoon!  Here are some pics:

AND finally, Haley is getting married in Hawaii later this month so we decided to celebrate with a pre-party at Chantelle's house complete with penis decos!  Of course, I brought the party favours like glow in the dark bracelets, candy necklaces, tiaras and crazy glasses.  We went to dinner to catch up with KDiddy who was in town from London and then hit the streets of Nuit Blanche with the bachelorette party.  We did a shot crawl at a few bars along King and Queen Streets.  Overall, super fun times!

Phew. Tons of activities -- you can see why I was so delinquent. Lol, hope you enjoyed my shenanigans!

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