Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 IN REVIEW #Daaaamnnnn

As 2013 rolls to an end, I thought I'd revive the blog to post a wrap up of my crazy year.  I know I'm a big slacker and haven't written in 6 months, but better late than never, right? ;)

This year has definitely been a roller coaster of dates, almost-relationships, canoodling, crazy exes, lovely new friends, and much more -- ok, so it may not have ended up the way I thought it would, but I don't think it would be me if shit hadn't shaken out the way it did.  I learned a hell of a lot about myself, what I really want, what I really DON'T want -- and so what if it meant I kissed a lot of frogs (hot frogs, but frogs nonetheless)??

So what happened this year? Here goes...

  • Started off 2013 with an AWESOME date on January 1st with a gorgeous hockey player
  • A week later, he took me on a super romantic date and had my first super romantic make-out at Bloor/Yonge Station. lol
  • When it didn't work out with that guy, started dating another guy with the same name who also used to be a hockey player. Yeah, it was confusing for my friends.
  • Sometime in February, I went out with an actor (recapped in this post) and to this day, it still makes me chuckle to think about how awkward that date was.  I also went on 2 dates in 1 day in February -- short month, I had to.
  • March brought the Divorcee disaster of 2013 - that lasted on and off for a while...til like July. Until one last date that was supposed to happen, dude legit texted me a thousand times then cancelled 1 hour before because his friend had to come over to 'hide from the cops'. Um. No thanks. #buhbye.
  • April was lovely hip hop dancer dude.  Such a sweet guy who still messages every now and again, and it continues to make me feel bad about not being as good a dancer. My friends think this guy is super hot -- which he is -- sadly, I'm just not into it.
  • In May I met Army Dude, we dated, it was good times and then he disappeared.  Only to reappear in September, when we went on a few dates and I realized it was better when he disappeared. Camo does wonderful things.
  • May also brought back the ultimate boomerang boy aka Kryptonite.  Though I never hung out with the dude (thank goodness), he still really enjoyed calling, texting, messaging about a million times. Ugh.  It's been radio silence from him for at least the past 2 months. Thank goodness for small wonders.
  • I also tried to take a break from men in May. It didn't last very long.
  • In June, one of my besties got hitched and I was lucky enough to be one of the bridesmaids. Around the same time, another boomerang boy came out of the woodwork from 2012. It was hilarious.
  • July meant shorts, mini dresses and tanning.  It was also when I started dating Runner guy, who was super sweet - also just not my guy.  Lasted til mid-August, but I just felt more friends than anything.
  • I don't want to talk about late August and early September because it was a recycle that was ultimately a let down, so yeah. Just not gonna talk about it.
  • Back to school also meant back to Army Dude. Also just wasn't into it, which meant it was ok when I didn't hear from him. So. Yeah. BUT, I also started seeing Personal Trainer #1 who told me amazing stories from Thailand where he was a boxer and showed me super cool music videos. He still texts me to this day, I probably should tell him I'm not into it anymore. Hmm.
  • Sometime in late September, I felt the need to pack my calendar with activities -- so in one particular week, I went on 4 dates with 3 different guys.  It was exhausting. I haven't recovered. 
  • October and early November was Personal Trainer #2. I fell for this dude, much in common but also SO NOT MY TYPE.  I think that got in the way for me, ultimately -- great canoodling, but I also realized he didn't actually listen to what I said (which clearly hurt my feelings because I require a lot of attention), so there goes that.
  • December brought Bun Guy -- yes, I think dudes with long hair who put it in buns are so hot. I don't know why, I just do.  And it's so funny because I went from a bald guy to a guy with hair longer than me, but whatever.  ANYWAY.  So he is emotionally unavailable, and literally ran away from my house at 9:30 at night, which still makes me laugh.
Omg, what a year.  I don't even know how I will have energy for 2014, but dammit am I looking forward to it.  Cheers to a new year, y'all!


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